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Customers Can Choose Own Daily Budget ( e.g Rs.100 x 15 Days=Rs.1500. ( i.e Ad Campaign will Run For 15 days ) as Per Your Goals ( e.g Goals are 1. Get More Website Purchases 2. Promote Your App 3. Promote Your Facebook Page 4. Promote Your Business Locally 5. Get More Website Visitors 6. Get More Leads ) Ads will be shown to Targeted Location ( e.g Pune City only ), Targeted Audiences (e.g Male or Females Only or Both ) We Can Select Age Group of Audiences From 18-65 Years Range, We Can Target Particular Customers, In the same Budget Ads can be shown Worldwide, Entire India, Entire State, Entire District or Particular Location Only. We Can Also Monitor our Audiences & Campaign Results.

Recommended Daily Minimum Budget is Rs.500, Although Customers can decide their own, Reach of the Ads is Totally depend upon Daily Budget Amount. ( e.g More Daily Recharge Budget More Customers, Less Daily Recharge Budget Less Customers )

In Short

Your Cost will be Campaign Setup Fees+Campaign Recharge Amount.

Customers are Free to Decide how Many Days they wish to run their Ads

So Calculate Your Own Budget and Place Order For Campaign Setup as Per your Requirement, We Charge Campaign Setup Fees Only & Campaign Recharge Customers have to do Directly

Note : Order Now Button Shows Many Services Options Just Choose Only One or More of your Choice for e.g Facebook Marketing or Google Ads or Bing Ads or S.E.O